Strategic Planning

Want to create innovation, clarity and a roadmap for success?

If so, then engaging in a comprehensive business transformation initiative may be just the answer to help breakout of established habits, patterns and culture. Implementing lasting changes within an support organization often requires help from an outside change agent. That is where Dartmouth Data can help!

Engaging in a process that incorporates analyzing the current suppoort environment, crafting an innovative go-forward strategy, developing detailed implementation plans and executing on-going monitoring of progress is the best way to ensure lasting change throughout the organization.

Identify, Create & Unify the Support Leadership Team

  • Empower the leadership team to succeed
  • Define responsibilities and expectations
  • Hold the team accountable for deliverables
  • Include leadership team in all strategic decisions
  • Communicate equally to all members of the leadership team
  • Align leadership team members - bond, trust, respect, integrity...

Strategic Planning Process - Deep Dives - Process Reviews

  • Be more proactive and less reactive, think ahead by proper strategic planning
  • Set vision in stone (who we will become, how we will get there)
  • Planning sessions, discuss SLAs, processes, workflows, customers needs, how, why, when, where...
  • Brain storming (Jamming) sessions - deep dives, process reviews, operational reviews
  • Discuss the details indepth - engage discussions and knowledge transfer
  • Anticipate outcomes, proactively plan for bumps in the road

Define All Support Processes

  • Execute better by having a clear plan and operational methodologies
  • Standardize on Escalation Management, New Product Introduction (NPI), Lifecycle Management, customer feedback, support, sales processes
  • Well thoughtout processes will enable smoother delivery and help set expectations
  • Defining processes ensure consistency of execution
  • Processes let people know what is expected of them

Set Vision, Goals & Metrics

  • Align all actions and decisions to the overall business goals
  • Where are we going and how are we going to get there - the vision and plan
  • What are the specific targets in all areas of the business
  • How will we measure success (keeping score, metrics, satisfaction ratings)


  • Communication is important in any relationship - especially within your company
  • Communicate to customers, employees, partners - everyone needs to get the message
  • Consistent and clear messaging sets the tone, pace, path and expectations
  • Let others know the big picture and all important information
  • Communicate in ways that make people excited


  • Identify areas of ownership and accountability
  • Review progresses and project status often
  • Expected deliverables from all leaders within the organization
  • Establish written expectations and metrics - measure actual vs expected

Establish Start-up Culture

  • Define the culture and core values of the organization
  • Establish a start-up atmosphere and feeling of excitement
  • Create burning desire to succeed, Can-Do, positive momentum, high energy...

Create Jamming Sessions

  • Foster creativity and information sharing at all times
  • Get people to think outside the box
  • Empower your team to make decisions - Embrace Empowerment
  • Pick topics to explore and discuss in depth
  • Engage all employees and makes them feel part of the solution

Celebrate Success

  • Establish some quick wins and promote them to foster more wins
  • Hard work breeds more hard work – let people know when achievement is reached
  • Communicate in the moment - strike while the iron is hot
  • Sales wins, product launches, partnerships, management team additions...