Functional Processes

Having well designed process and workflows are critical to achieving success.

Most support team members are too busy delivering their services and keeping up with the hectic workload, that they do not have structured time to create plans, processes, and documentation. Sometimes the team is missing the necessary skillsets required for creating usable materials. Detailed support documentation, processes, workflows, definitions, etc. are necessary to ensure an exceptional Quality-Of-Service is delivered consistently as your organization grows and changes.

  • Does your organization need help documenting their support processes?
  • Do you conduct quarterly review meetings to drive continuous improvement?
  • Do you have a written best practices manual?
  • Do you conduct a root cause analysis debrief after major escalations are solved?
  • Is there a formal process for raising the priority of an issue?
  • Have you defined severity and priority levels in your SLA?
  • Is your escalation communication plan well documented?
  • Is there responsibility and operational clarity in your organization?

Support processes and documents Dartmouth Data can help create:

  Defined Customer Service Expectations for your team

  Customer Service Process Flow

  Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  Escalation Management Plan (EMP)

  Organizational Roles and Responsibilities

  Unified Communication Plan

  Feedback Management

  Training and Development Process

  Documentation Process and Templates