Trusted Business Partner

Engaging in business consulting services to help our clients achieve strategic outcomes.

Dartmouth Data´s goal is to help drive incremental growth in our client's business. Through a host of structured consulting offerings and research reports, we leverage our expertise and unique methodology to help clients address difficult operational challenges, realize defined milestones, and achieve critical success factors.

Dartmouth Data´s experienced team comes from a background in data intelligence, customer support, marketing services, project management, and executive leadership; having worked at leading global technology organizations.

At Dartmouth Data, we work hard to foster value-based lasting client relationships and deploying innovative solutions that address real-world strategic business issues.

Our Mission

To deliver best-in-class strategic development solutions, materials, and methodologies that help organizations operate with greater efficiency, effectiveness, and increased productivity.

Our Culture

Dartmouth Data has a unique corporate culture that defines who we are, how we work, and how we live. The core characteristics of the company are demonstrated by the employee´s can-do attitude and work ethics. Collectively as a team, and uniquely as individuals, our employees define our culture in all that they do. A few important characteristics of our culture are:

  • Demonstrate highly effective leadership
  • Continuous communications
  • Employee commitment to excellence
  • Team environment
  • High integrity workplace
  • Strong trust relationships
  • Effective systems and processes
  • Always Customer-focused
  • Commitment to learning and personal growth
  • Recruite and retain outstanding employees
  • High degree of adaptability
  • High accountability standards
  • Clear expectations set
  • Demonstrated support for innovation
  • Diversity
  • An enjoyable and challenging work environment

In addition, our employees are passionate, challenged, empowered, dedicated, effective problem solvers, self-motivated, reliable, independent, helpful, and highly responsive.

Client Satisfaction

One of the core principles of Dartmouth Data is to deliver exceptional program delivery, materials, and customer service to our clients. We are 100% committed to meeting or exceeding our client´s expectations and strive to develop enduring relationships based on complete satisfaction.

Advisory Board

Dartmouth Data´s advisory team consists of industry veterans that provide ongoing advice and insight on strategy, execution and objectives. These experts share their knowledge and experience of industry market trends, product offerings, and business development ideas to help guide and influence our future direction.