Dartmouth Data engages with select clients to create impactful, innovative, and strategic programs to drive growth and positive change within an organization. We can help develop targeted marketing programs, define customer requirements, or structure optimized workflow processes; all with the goal in mind to help drive additional revenue opportunities and deliver an optimal customer service experience.

We can work with members of your team at all levels to analyze, audit, create, and manage your current and future business initiatives. The outcome is a robust product and solutions portfolio that aligns with your strategic business goals.

Helping You Achieve Superior Performance


Create, develop and document innovative programs that compliment your product line-up and strategic business goals.
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We can work with your team to define, document, and implement processes, policies and workflows to enhance delivery.
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Enhance your marketing by having the right collateral and sales tools to bring visibility and awareness to your product portfolio.
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Let us help your team refine your strategic vision, mission, goals, and success tracking metrics. Embrace innovation.
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Voice of the Customer - Being a Customer Advocate

Customer Advocate, the person entrusted within a company to analyze and represent the needs of the customer and to help satisfy those needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

Positive Experience  |  Outstanding Satisfaction  |  Feedback Programs

Achieving Service Excellence

Achieving Service Excellence

 Hire the Best
 Define Expectations
 Training & Development
 Employee Feedback
 Culture of Success

 Service Offerings
 Infrastructure Required
 Execution Methodologies
 Defined Workflows
 Outline Deliverables

 Operational Excellence
 Define & Document
 Continuous Improvement
 Escalation & Remediation
 Root Cause Analysis
 Define Best Practices

 Define Support Strategy
 Vision for Organization
 Service Roadmap
 Contribution to Growth
 Customer Success
 Revenue Opportunity

Your Business Partner For Transformational Changes

Do you have a strategic business initiative that is not meeting your expectations or important company goal? We can objectively and quickly engage with your team, define success factors, and get the project or program back on track. Contact us to discuss your unique situation and let us help.