Escalation Management

Do you have an effective Escalation Management Plan (EMP)?

Readiness. Preparation. Training. Accountability.

The best way to effectively handle customer escalations when they occur is to have a well-defined escalation operation plan. A formal documented plan that outlines ownership, responsibilities, processes, procedures, and methodologies, all focused on proactively dealing with sensitive critical issues in an efficient manner.

Every company should expect there to be technical and business situations that fall outside of the norm. Being prepared for such events will ensure these situations can be dealt with in a professional way and desirable outcomes achieved.

An effective escalation process allows your organization to mobilize resources, communicate effectively, and set proper expectations with your customers.

The Escalation Management Plan should incorporate post-escalation actions targeted at driving continuous improvement. Information learned during each event should be analyzed (root cause and trend analysis) and used to refine the process for future escalations, as well as provide feedback to other cross-functional teams to drive positive changes in the organization

Document Escalation Process

Gather Escalation Details

Identify Escalation Team

Escalation Resolution Plan

Escalation Tracking and Reporting

Escalation Communication Process

Resolution & Closure

Customer Post-escalation Review

Root Cause Analysis